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What We Offer

We are establishing a comprehensive training network across the nation, offering two distinct pathways:​

Workforce Development: A state-sponsored 6-week program featuring two weeks of classroom instruction, incorporating OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 level courses. This is followed by 4 weeks of on-site apprentice training.

Skill bridge/DoD TAP: An 8-week institutional training program adhering to DoD Skillbridge guidelines. Participants have the option to utilize GI Bill or Tuition Assistance for additional education while engaging in part-time employment.

A Day In the Life

Fiber Optics Technicians work for telecommunications companies that supply phone, internet, and cable services. During a typical day on the job, you can expect to:

  • Install new systems and wiring at a home or place of business
  • Make repairs to old systems and wiring
  • Inspect existing fiber optics systems for problems that could interrupt service
  • Test old wires and repair those that malfunction
  • Measure the strength of Internet speeds or cable connections to determine a system’s performance
  • Pull out old cable or splice them to troubleshoot problem areas
    You can expect some physical demands from the job such as standing for long periods of time, climbing ladders and utility poles, or crawling into tight spaces. You may need to lift and carry heavy equipment, parts, and tools. You’ll also work with tools like fiber splicers and optics meters that will help you solve and repair issues with the system.

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My Story Could Be Your Story

After extensive training, National Warrior Workforce provided me with a career in the telecommunications industry


National Warrior Workforce trained me, and connected me to a job in the telecommunications industry


When I came into the program the first thing they said was, “we’re creating careers, not just jobs